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Why you can’t afford to take SEO lightly

We don’t need to tell you how important it is for your business to have a great website and a decent Social Media presence, because you knew that already. However, what is still not so commonly known by many business owners is the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and how it can dramatically increase business.

First, let’s take a look at some businesses who classically refused to adapt their business models to include an online element, and lived (or didn’t!) to regret it.

Borders Bookstores

In the year 2002, Borders had 1,250 stores nationwide. So confident their customers would prefer to buy their products in-store, they refused to make any of their books available for online purchase. Ten years later, the company was bankrupt, and all 1,250 stores were shut.


blockbuster-logoMovie rental giants Blockbuster were boasting a revenue of around $5.5 billion in the years following the turn of the century, a time when a little company called Netflix was just starting out, and who even back then had a respectable $150 million revenue.

Blockbuster were given numerous chances to acquire Netflix but refused, and they also were reluctant to offer any kind of subscription based membership service like Netflix offers. You know what’s coming next… yep, bankruptcy! Blockbuster declared itself bankrupt in 2012 as Netflix continues to grow to this day.

Tower Records

High Street Music store Tower Records had 200 stores across the UK in the year 2002, but you won’t find a single Tower Records store open anywhere in Great Britain in 2014. That’s simply because they were very slow to adapt to the digital music revolution, and services such as iTunes, MySpace and others continued to thrive.

So how does this all relate to SEO?

However extreme these cases may be, they’re examples of companies not jumping on the bandwagon in time, or at all. They missed a trick and lost out big time.

Ignoring SEO and the advantages it brings is remarkably similar to Borders’, Blockbusters’ and Tower Records’ reluctance and refusal to adapt to the internet, in a sense that if you ignore basic (and advanced) search engine optimisation techniques you are not going to get found by your potential customers, and therefore your company is effectively going out of business.

It’s simply not enough to be listed in the Yellow Pages or the Phone Book anymore. It’s not good enough to just have a basic website which nobody would ever find unless you repeatedly told them the URL.

SEO for your business onlineEven if your company’s site is listed on Google somewhere, what’s the point of being on page 3 or 4 or worse? Who seriously clicks through to those pages to find what they’re looking for? Minuscule amounts of people, that’s who. No, you need your company’s website to be on the very first page of Google, as high up as possible. You shouldn’t settle for anything less. We at Plan Web Design don’t.

You’re more than welcome to attempt to get your website onto Google’s first page by yourself, but we never recommend it, firstly because you could be trying for years and still not achieve success, and secondly because you’ll be unable to keep up with changes in industry trends. There are certain things in your business that you should hire a professional to carry out, and SEO for your business is one of them.

It’s simple, but if you want to find your site on the first page of Google, then you should probably hire professionals whose job it is to ensure sites appear on the first page of Google!

If the process was a mathematical formula it might look a little something like this: Hire an SEO company for your business = Get found by more potential customers + Make more sales = Business Success in 2014!