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The smart art of website design

Website design

Do you want to build a website but are you worried about bringing it all together? Perhaps you are quite savvy tech-wise, but do not have a creative bone in your body and are struggling with where to start and what sort of content you should have.

Your website design is there to get you discovered. You need to know how to drive leads to your website. Once they are there, you should be providing them with a user-friendly, engaging experience which will lead to repeat visits and convert them into loyal customers.

Make an impact

The moment your website pops up on screen, you want to create a strong visual impact. It is important to design a logo which is memorable and relates to your customers, and to have a strategically designed homepage to carefully guide your visitors to the products and services which will best meet their needs.

The use of carefully crafted page content, colours and graphic references all contribute to the visitor’s experience and draws them in to explore further. Each element should be carefully considered to maximise its appeal.

You can also use your website design to involve your existing and potential customers by directing them to social media or engaging them in polls – this is a great way to regularly communicate with them.

So, get smart and go get a great website design, with PlanWeb.