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Generate more business from being on Facebook and Twitter

It has been proven that it is the small businesses who actively work on Facebook, Twitter, Social Media HampshirePinterest, Tumblr, Google Plus and other social media platforms get more business and their customers have a better understanding of what they sell. It’s not about throwing constant advertising in people faces, but keeping in people minds and making them feel part of your business. If you go to Google and simply insert the words www. the first four companies that come up are Hotmail, Facebook, Google and Ebay. So it does show that even the biggest search engine think this!

With so many people and small businesses still using various social media platforms, as a business we highly suggest that you get on there! but also to make sure that it is done correctly. We are based in Waterlooville, Hampshire and also cover Portsmouth, Fareham, Chichester, Southampton, Petersfield, Winchester which is in a triangle around us.

Social Media CreationMost businesses don’t really understand how to get the most out of a social page, and this is were we can truly help and utilise the sttrength of the social world. By using the social power and get the best out of custom branded Facebook page that show cases you and your business, by designing a beautiful, yet simple page. Rather than having a plain and generic page, which may turn off your followers. We aim to make you stand out from the crowd and be seen and remembered. This can work from the local fish and chip shop, to the local bank.

Designed Facebook & Twitter pages for small businesses

We fully design facebook and twitter pages that look stunning and can immediately direct you to the information you want to share, like or post with your visitors and are fully interactive, allowing you to capture videos, and a large host of other brilliant features, basically means that you are able to capture and retain the attention of visitors to your page in a social setting, allowing them to get to know you and your business in a non-threatening environment, making it their choice to get to know you better if they want to.

So what do I get for my custom business page?

Our Packages Start @ £150, here is an idea of what you get for your small business…

  • New accounts opened for Facebook and Twitter
  • Logos inserted into both accounts
  • Engaging Keyword rich wording added for search enginesSocial Media Training
  • Facebook profile picture designed and implemented
  • Links to external website
  • Small business details, address, phone and email
  • Help and guidance in building interest direct from us.

If you want more or less completed please let us know, each customer is bespoke and we work towards the same goal online.