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SEO: it’s worth it to be seen

SEO - search engine optimization mindmap on napkin with cup of cSearch engine optimisation (or SEO for short) is a great way of ensuring that your website gets the attention you want it to have. You could have the best designed website on the whole of the internet, but until it’s on the first page of Google’s search results, can you honestly say it’s optimised to its full potential? You’ve got to be sure you’re up there at the top of the page, knocking the spots off your competitors. Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, says that 42% of users take the first result their search engine gives them.

The top result of any search has reached that position for a reason, and has kudos and credibility. If you’re at the top, yours will be the website which others will link to, and generate leads from. There’s also a trust and integrity factor – the lower down the list you are, the more amateur you may seem to customers and competitors. You want to get in to the top 10 and stay there. Statistics from state that a website in the top 10 will get 10 times more hits than one on later pages of search results.

If more people are visiting your page, you should also consider the fact that they’re coming to you – you’re not going to them. You won’t need to make as many outgoing sales calls, mailshots or visits, because customers will already be aware of you.

It’s not easy getting to the top and making your website the top result, but with a little work and patience, you’re bound to have success with a website engineered with best SEO practice in mind.

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