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How online advertising is changing

Online Marketing is Changing

With the continued, exponential rise of the internet, many companies naturally assume that online is the place to advertise: presumably, the reach of your material would be enormous, as would your return. Perhaps this may have been the case once: a well placed advert with a catchy tagline could capture the minds of thousands as it was shared across social media, boosting the profile of your business in the process.

However, with adblocking technology, internet users the world over have found a way to circumvent adverts in ways they have never been able to before.

Where once advertising was a unavoidable part of entertainment, with the exception of on the BBC, internet-savvy consumers are often now completely oblivious to any campaign that any website might be hosting. Though some may opt to allow advertising on websites that they would prefer to support financially, with some sites asking them to do so, a great deal of the internet is now a closed shop for advertisers.

Native advertising offers an interesting alternative: where once consumers may once have seen advertising as intrusive, a native ad follows the form of the platform on which you place it, and thereby offers more palatable and relatable opportunity for content creation.

One thing that is certain, however, is that your business must think on its feet if you wish to succeed in the online advertising sphere.

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