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How to get visitors past the homepage

Getting visitors past homepageTurning clicks into conversions is crucial to online business success, and website design for Hampshire business plays a part. With that in mind, it’s important to ensure that visitors to your site delve a little further than your landing page – but how is this best achieved? Below are some handy tips and tricks to help turn those clicks into customers.

Keep your content fresh

Up-to-date, topical and easily understandable content helps your business to engage with potential customers. Social content such as forum posts and Facebook/Twitter engagement all help to encourage interaction. You should also be mindful of drawing attention to any particular offers or promotions you are currently running. If this isn’t your forte, consider using the services of an online website marketing specialist to maximise click-through potential.

Use analytics

In order to understand how visitors respond to your site, it’s important to monitor them. There are many analytics tools which can be utilised in order to gain a valuable insight into where your visitors are arriving from, and what products or services they are drawn to.

If visitors aren’t going any further than the homepage, chances are they can’t easily find what they’re looking for, or load times are simply too long for them to consider using your site. Sometimes issues can be as simple as a broken link – take some time to consider why visitors are disappearing.

Track your changes

Ensuring visitors continue to click past the home page is an ongoing task. Once you’ve optimised your website to maximise click-throughs, it’s important to keep that momentum going. Monitor your website regularly by scheduling an hour or two every week to study your analytics data, and consider asking customers for feedback in exchange for promotions and discounts.

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