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How much does a website cost?

Our websites start from a bespoke cost and is quoted per customer. But we can guarantee great prices and great service as standard. Please remember every website is specific to each business therefore a quote is supplied for each new job. We only offer professional designs, and tailored services to each customer.

How do I pay for my website?

Once we agree a price, we ask for either bacs payment, cash or paypal.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes we do.

I have decided to use Plan Web Services, what do I do now?

In the first instance we would ask for you to call us on: 02392 706391 or email us at [email protected], we can either meet you in your place of work or at home, or you can come to our place of business to discuss your requirements.

We would have an informal chat about what you would like to see online for your business, plus colours you love and hate, imagery and of course any creative ideas.

I already have loads of written content and images

Brilliant, actually we would highly recommend it and with our prices you will see that they reflect you supplying the copy content and images. Truth is no-one can sell your business services or products better than you.

We do help as much as we can with the graphic imagery and in some cases we can use our image base.

I don’t have website content, can you help?

Yes we can is the easiest answer! We have professionally trained copywriters that can write your website text from scratch. Or if you have some yourself our experts can amend it to better suit and work with your new web site. Our content writing per page starts at only £50, all depending on word count.

I don’t have any images, what should I do?

We can either look to buy images for your website through Bigstock, iStock, Getty images or other reputable companies, but there will be a cost per image set by these companies and charged extra to you. We advise that there may be copyright on images, and how they can be used. Or we can arrange for a photographer to come and take some pictures of you, your business or products.

Getting professional photography taken can be great for hotels, restaurants, wedding venues, or even your local builder. These can look great and also natural.

What pages should I look to have?

The web pages and content are completely in your hands, but we are happy to offer help, support and guidance to get the best results for you. Most website designs online have the following:

  • Home
  • About Us
  • Products/Services/Gallery
  • News/Blog
  • Contact Us

What about updates to my website?

We don’t charge for small updates, as we know small things in the business world can change. Simply email us your changes and we’ll get them done.

For larger updates that take longer than 30 minutes we charge £45 per hour, but simply email us what you need changed or amended and we can advise cost before we start.

Will my website work across different systems

Yes your website will work in desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet as standard.

Will my website work in different browsers?

Yes it will work in all the big names, Google Chrome being the biggest, along with Firefox and Safari.

How long does it take to complete a website?

Usually within 4 weeks.

I have had a website and aren’t getting any traffic or sales?

We provide the foundations of a great website that in time is possible to do great online, but if no marketing is assigned after completion of web design then it is impossible to gain traffic.

Imagine the scenario; we build a website for you, but it is then left to it’s own accords. No one will know it’s there without marketing.

We offer online marketing services, which include monthly fees. On all new websites we only offer the new site build only. If any new customer requires ongoing marketing, then we quote and charge for this service, we do not offer any free services or any guarantees on getting on any search engine or for customers to find you without any marketing. Even if we offer simple on-page optimisation for a new website build as a freebie, if no ongoing marketing is completed we cannot be at fault. We strongly suggest using Google Adwords, Facebook Marketing or SEO (search engine optimisation), all of these services we can help with at a monthly cost to each business.

How long does it take to gain new sales from a new website?

It can take 3 – 6 months for any new website to gain exposure and traffic.

Is there anything I can do as the business owner?

Yes there is, you can pay for Google Adwords or Facebook advertising of which can be live within hours.

How can I get my website ranked highly or on page one?

This is where we set ourselves apart from most web companies in the South, not only can we create a brilliant and workable web design we take pride on our internet marketing services. We are experts in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and have multiple websites of ours or clients to show and prove how good we are. Whether you are looking for a national, worldwide or local presence we can achieve this for you.

Most campaigns can takes 6-12 weeks for noticeable results; we don’t lock anyone into contracts, but ask for a minimum of 3 months commitment to us. We are very realistic from the outset and will advise costs, and of course time involved.

What happens when my website or domain name is due for renewal?

Note: All websites will get 2 emails towards the end of your first or ongoing year. The first email will go out 30 days prior to hosting/domain renewal and the second will go out 2 weeks before cancellation. We send out automated reminders early so that there is no down time for web or domain services. Once a domain has expired all services will cease, and domains are cancelled as standard by each register (Nominet/ICANN). We take no responsibility for loss of services after this period.

Our recommendation is to get your renewal fees paid early to stop any downtime. If a domain name gets deleted or stopped after expiry, we can re-buy a domain name back at a cost. But once a domain name leaves our account after expiry, the hosting also gets cancelled and we take no copies of websites after the renewal period.

Who owns logo or design copyright?

We own the intellectual property and copyright to any design work we have completed, unless otherwise stated or confirmed before or after any works have commenced. Any intellectual property and copyright can be transferred to any person or business upon receipt of payment for full use on your business.

Do you offer ongoing support and maintenance?

Simply answer is yes! We offer monthly packages to suit any business, from small to large businesses. We can provide support on possible database or plugin updates, we can provide support for businesses needing wording or graphical changes, or simply being there when needed. A cost for this service is available upon request.

What are the renewal fees?

There is an annual renewal fee of £75.00 which you will be invoiced for 12 months from the live date. Which includes domain name yearly renewals, hosting of the website, any maintenance and minor amendments needed throughout the site.

Your first year is included in the initial web build cost.

What Services do you offer?