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Do radio adverts need a weblink to be successful?

Advertising at all timesRadio is a highly effective medium for advertising your brand. An estimated 45.8 million people in the UK listen to the radio every week, making it one of the most popular tools for accessing information and entertainment in the country. What’s more, it’s far more cost-effective to produce adverts for radio than for television and other visual mediums. However, a radio advert can only be really successful if listeners can act on it immediately: that’s why you need to include a weblink in all your radio adverts.

Radio can be described as a ‘continuous’ medium. What we mean by that is simple: it pours out information and entertainment in a continuous fashion. It doesn’t pause or wait for the audience to process that information. As such, it’s easy for listeners to forget about individual adverts if they can’t act on them quickly. Listeners can access your website as soon as they’ve finished listening to an advert on the radio. This will allow them to explore your business and the services you offer in their own time. This has three beneficial effects. Firstly, it gives you a second chance to make a good impression. If your radio advert didn’t completely win a potential customer over, your high quality website design might! Secondly, it makes it more likely that prospective customers will remember your business, because they’ve had time to properly engage with it. Finally, it makes it possible for them to use your business as soon as possible. After all, many radio listeners may choose to visit your website in the hope of purchasing your products or services immediately!

If you advertise through radio, don’t be afraid to incorporate a weblink into your adverts: you’ll be surprised how effective it is! Just remember that your website will need to be welcoming to listeners who found it because of your radio advert. Make sure you consider this when creating your website!

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