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Creating a unique web presence about a special day

Bridal Dreamz Website DesignOne of the key services a professional web design company can offer is the creation of a distinctive and affordable web presence for niche local businesses. It’s also increasingly important that such designs should always be fully accessible and thoroughly user-friendly across the whole range of devices, from laptops and desktops to smartphones and tablets.

This was certainly true for Karen, the owner of Bridal Dreamz, who decided that it was time for a brand new website to replace her current one, which had become a little tired. This company offers a terrific wedding day planning service from their bridal shop Portsmouth and Waterlooville in Purbrook.

After careful assessment of the many aspects of her business, a stunning new site was crafted. It divided the main content into three key areas, each of which would resonate with future brides and grooms. These three key segments: Preparing, The Day and The Evening, then offered a range of sub-pages which identified and talked to the key aspects of each. As an example, for the latter this included dressing the celebration venue, adding some fun elements – and even covered wedding lingerie choices!

The key content for each page across the site was couched in personal terms, and helped develop an intimate and friendly style – a key reason why so many Hampshire brides are asking Karen to work with them to make the very best of their day.

Employing a web designer for Portsmouth area ensured that in-depth area knowledge was brought to bear, fully appreciating the locale, their potential clients, and how best to initiate a contact with them. Please take a few moments now to visit the new, live site at

Of course, complete marketing support, both on and offline, is an essential for the success of many such businesses. How might such skills best be put to work now in developing your company’s marketing activities and online presence?

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